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Enterprise Development:

A wood carving artist from Dongyang, brought wood door handicraft into the Guangdong market in 1995 and founded a production company. With authentic and authentic wood carving and high-quality raw materials, it follows the concept of “wooden door aesthetics”. On the one hand, from the unity of the living room and the unity of the design style, the use of the auxiliary material is used to distinguish the purpose of the door, and the design “consensus” in the change and unification. Let the visual experience is different from the general sense of the whole and three-dimensional. Desheng people, with their unique ergonomic design and ethos, exhibited the atmosphere of the store. In the elegant mood brought by the Dresdner Home Experience Hall, whether it was a wooden door, a wallboard, or a home wardrobe, they all realized that The poetic experience of life, the perfect combination of aesthetics and wood technology, infinitely close to nature's quiet, people completely out of the world's embarrassment. As soon as people step into the green and decent home wood door experience hall, they immediately feel the warmth and happiness of the home. Touching the smooth texture of the wooden door will feel the breath of North American forest.

Whenever you visit the Desheng Home Experience Hall, visual enjoyment is the deepest feeling of the traveler. Wooden door, wardrobe, design, atmosphere, mood, service, environment, every detail is the embodiment of perfect quality. Fashion, elegance, splendor, and art, like Desheng, its infinite charm has gone far beyond merely “seeing” the word.
Desheng 's design pursuit has always been a conscious solution to the growth of corporate brands and value chains. Desheng has an international vision design team, always leads the trend of high-end and China's local innovation,
will be minimalist, the British new aristocracy, French royalty, the Italian fashion avant-garde popular elements and the local wooden arts and crafts of organic integration, pursuit of design innovation. Desheng products have deep cultural connotation and distinctive artistic temperament and have become a benchmark in the home field.


1.The doors enjoy novel styles, vivid integrality and 3D effect.


2.The doors are all made from the high-grade importing natural wood and they are elaborately made after being subject to severe cooking, sterilization and drying process.


3.The factory has its own research and development centers and make innovations continuously in the severe competition of wood door markets.


4.Through long -term research and experiment, experts of Desheng Factory have overcome wood door detects such as corner cracking and deformation.


5.It’s the first manufacture that uses “trapezoid lock pin structure” , which has been awarded national patent, No. 2005201085107. Desheng promises that “trapezoid lock pin structure” will ensure 50 years of normal use.







ESHENG’s design combines tradition and modernity, creating classic masterworks and fashion popular Series.