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DESHENG Project in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia-2

DESHENG Project in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Basic Information

The customer visited our factories and satisfied with our quality. He ordered 730 doors for the government project.

The government project is one kind of reinforced concrete structure building system, which suits in the peninsula with tropical desert climate. Both price and quality are important for this project.


Key Challenges

1. The typical tropical desert climate demands doors to be durable.

2. Our client liked simple designs very much.

3. For frequent daily use, all doors should be strong enough.



In this project, considering the hot and dry weather, we use a large number of durable quality HDF panels for doors. The lifetime ups to 50 years. We design to develop fancy apartments like this project.


Project Overview

Time: 2015

Location: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Application: government project

Quality: 2*40HQ (730 sets)



1. The client was satisfy with our Desheng’s designs and chose them for his project.

2. The client chose our color sample. All products passed his strict quality check before loading.

3. The project had 6 different measurements. We made just as required. Client had no problem to install.

4. To save the transportation fee and reduce loading costs,we pack the similar size doors together and write down marks & tags accordingly. It was easier for the project manager to check and receive goods at site.

5. So far there is no complaint. Client is placing new orders in May.



Types: entrance doors, room doors, access doors, toilet doors


Special requirements:anti-thief, water proof

Size:Non-standard size

Hardware:Client purchased. We made door lock bore preparation.


No matter your plan is similar or different from this case, contact us for better solutions. You just need, me just professional!