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Desheng Wood Industry-Editor's Picks! Master these 10 trends keywords, you will find it so easy to get rich!
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Editor's Picks! Master these 10 trends keywords, you will find it so easy to get rich!

For the window and door industry, 2017 is a challenging year, a year of innovation and a year of rebirth. The introduction of various policies has enabled the doors and windows industry to accelerate the reshuffle and further promote and standardize the development of door and window enterprises.

Goodbye, 2017! Hello, 2018

The year 2018 is approaching. In which direction should the doors and windows enterprises develop in the new year? What keywords in the window and door industry in 2018 need to be remembered by the door and window enterprises and firmly grasp it?


01 Energy saving and environmental protection

Due to the impact of the “Environmental Protection Trend” and the mention in the 19th report, the energy saving and environmental protection of the door and window industry has been repeatedly mentioned. Energy conservation and environmental protection have become the top priority for the development of all major windows and doors.

China’s building energy consumption has become the top three energy consumption, and the proportion of doors and windows in building energy consumption exceeds 50%. Since 2017, new energy-saving indicators for doors and windows have been formulated throughout the country, which means that environmental protection is not up to standard, and technological research and development Weak, poorly-developed doors and windows enterprises, or will be eliminated.

The renovation of old windows and doors in major cities has brought certain opportunities and vigilance to the doors and windows companies. Door and window companies wanting to continue to advance under the storm of environmental protection renovation, they must make changes in their own planning and layout, strengthen brand building, and strive to build their own core competitiveness.


02 High performance system doors and windows

The more attention is paid to building energy conservation and safety, the more the system doors and windows are favored. System doors and windows companies focus on R&D and design, integrating technologies, materials, logistics, equipment, training, software, and services.

The system doors and windows have been developed in European countries for five to six decades. At present, the domestic system has also set off an upsurge of system doors and windows. The application rate of high-performance door and window systems in Europe is 70%, while the domestic application rate is only 0.5%. There is still a long way to go for the widespread application of domestic system doors and windows.


03 High quality

Door and window raw materials began to rise in the second half of 2016 and have continued to rise. Many door and window companies have to play a "price war" to reduce profits and reduce the pressure on enterprises.

However, the survival of the fittest, from a long-term perspective, doors and windows companies to go far, green energy, security, anti-theft, noise reduction, high durability, high-end door and window system is the necessary quality.

In this context, instead of optimizing the market for doors and windows, the rapid upgrading and integration of doors and windows enterprises, and the ability to walk down firmly, must be high-quality doors and windows.


04 Intelligent

Smart homes are becoming more and more popular. Under the background of intelligence, the market for smart windows and doors is also booming.

In an era where consumers pay more attention to the quality of life and care more about the details of life, after consumers are accustomed to the convenience and high-end enjoyment brought by smart products, they can promote the growth of the smart window market.


05 Landscape doors and windows

With the concept of fourth-generation housing becoming more and more popular, more and more people are beginning to pursue pleasant, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing living environments.

For life, people are no longer satisfied with the basic requirements of door and window sheltering, heat insulation, noise reduction, security and theft, and then proposed the maximum visibility of the outdoor landscape, doors and windows itself simple and stylish, as well as high-level requirements of intelligent doors and windows.

Can create a landscape, doors and windows that can participate in, can be watched, relaxed and stylish living space for life, must be the trend of 2018 doors and windows!


06 Green home

With the continuous development of industrialization, people's lives have become increasingly inseparable from plastic products. However, humans have produced 8.3 billion tons of plastic, most of which has become waste. How to recycle these wastes has always been a major concern. China is a world leader in the production of plastic products. As a well-known Chinese company, we DESHENG attach special importance to the promotion of green homes and recyclable products.

Our hot-selling products, WPC door, zero-forum, benzene-free, non-toxic, non-radioactive, non-polluting, and recyclable, with anti-mite ant, waterproof, fire-retardant, short production cycle and other advantages. Under the general trend of energy saving and consumption reduction, the use of WPC goalkeepers will become the mainstream.


07 Personalized whole house customization

The customization of the whole house windows and doors is the concept of a new type of home decoration. The customization of the whole house is characterized by personalized design, standardization and large-scale production. The current consumer bodies are gradually developing after 80 and 90. They pay more attention to independent individual temperament and personalized service experience.

The whole house customization of the door and window system can create a more comfortable and more satisfying living environment for the whole home. Product R & D design and personalized service will become the core competitiveness of door and window companies in the whole house customization era. Customization of the whole house has also become a trend that cannot be ignored for doors and windows companies.


08 Global Market

Door and window companies or doors and windows brands cannot be limited to localization, but should look at the global market, open up new customers, new roads, and seek more new opportunities to find a broader playing field.

For example, in the spring of the past, DESHENG, which has more than 80 specialty stores in China, built a group which was led by a general manager, foreign trade managers, store managers, design departments, etc., and visited wholesalers, Traders, distributors, retailers and designers from more than 50 countries around the world. All parties have conducted friendly discussions on how to build home brands across the country. More and more clients are interested in doing the local DESHENG brand agency. In particular, the countries and regions included in One Belt And One Road Initiative are the key development areas of DESHENG. DESHENG expects more partners to join this family.

It can be seen that opening the global market is the main task of the 2018 door and window business.


09 Brand three-dimensional

With the constant optimization and integration within the doors and windows industry, doors and windows companies must create a solid foundation brand of doors and windows in order to move forward longer and more steadily and truly have the right to speak.

DESHENG believes that if you want the brand to be more influential and far-reaching, you can't just be a brand name, but a three-dimensional brand image and branded product.

In terms of image, door and window brands can promote and promote through various channels;

On the product, a truly door and window brand can promote star-based products, but it is not only a single product, but must have serialized and systematic products that can meet the needs of various consumers, and they can all meet various standards. Only by then it can be called a brand.


10 Marketing diversification

Any product, any brand needs marketing. The marketing methods of doors and windows enterprises still stay in the traditional media, or under the old-fashioned marketing model such as discounts and sweepstakes.

In the era of rapid information dissemination, Internet marketing is essential. DESHENG as built an Internet full-media matrix early on, and through the official website, facebook, Instagram and other major platforms, the entire network information coverage.

In addition to the Internet, doors and windows companies should also actively seek greater platform cooperation. For example, DESHENG  develops the strategic cooperation with UnionPay, Focus Network, Alibaba, Made In China, Canton Fair, Homexpo, China Building and other institutions, not only aims at marketing and promotion, but also establishes a brand image through win-win cooperation. , Let doors and windows enterprises and doors and windows brands show a higher image, and can also be further integrated into the lives of consumers.


2018, keeping in mind these 10 keywords, there won’t be a problem however far and however long we go!