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Go to Africa, go to Ethiopia

While millions of Chinese prepare delicious food and celebrate the winter solstice around the stove, 20,000 kilometers away across the ocean, Ethiopia is also welcoming Christmas and the New Year.

Desheng Wood Industry-Go To Africa, Go To Ethiopia | 1 Hour Fire Rated Door

When we think of Africa, we think of endless grasslands, lush rain forests, free running animals of all kinds, and heat waves that can make you burn.

In fact, Ethiopia in the dry season is a different story. Because latitude span and altitude difference are bigger, although be located in tropics, but each district temperature is unevenly hot and cold. The temperature is about 15 ℃, very comfortable. Here, you can enjoy the national characteristics of the song and dance, can also taste delicious meals. I believe we will see more colorful Ethiopia in the near future.

Ethiopia is Africa's best hope of becoming the next manufacturing hub, like China once was. In the past five years Ethiopia's industrial size has grown from $1 billion to $4 billion. Over the past decade, Ethiopia has grown by an average of about 10 per cent, making it East Africa's largest economy, according to figures cited by the financial times. We are very optimistic about Ethiopia's economic development and market planning and hope to communicate and cooperate with more business people. Therefore, in December 2018, the CEO of the company made a special trip to Ethiopia to inspect the construction site, investigate the market, learn experience, and meet with many customers and friends, whether they are real estate giants, capital giants, manufacturing giants, or industry elites active in the field of infrastructure construction. Desheng door brand has also been highly appreciated and recognized by customers and friends.

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The orders signed during the visit are mainly the wooden doors, solid wood compound doors, ecological doors and paint-free doors most suitable for commercial projects, as well as the oak doors, painted doors, aluminum alloy doors and Windows, ceramic tiles, floors and sanitary products most popular for the villas popular with home decoration customers. Desheng wooden door has always been the leading export products. Each set of wooden doors of desheng is carefully selected, precisely cut and precisely assembled to ensure that the final product is completely consistent with customer requirements. Each set of wooden doors from materials to finished products, including a total of more than 40 processes, dozens of workers teamwork, as well as design, quality control, pre-sale and after-sale q&a and other invisible services. "Make first-class products and develop first-class industries." Desheng door industry must be your best partner.

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